Your needs


1. Developing your teams


As a manager,


  • Do you have the impression that your personnel lack motivation?
  • Do you find it is getting harder to keep your talent?
  • Do your employees struggle to take on their responsibilities?
  • Do they perhaps lack autonomy in their work?
  • You want to improve the unity and team spirit within your company?
  • Do you hope to significantly increase efficiency and performance levels?
  • Do your employees find it hard to find meaning in what they do?

Answer these questions by:



2. Executive and management support 


As an executive,


  • Do you ever feel alone regarding your decisions and ambitions?
  • Does your Board of Directors have an interest in growing its operational effectiveness?
  • Is the arrival of new managers well received by your personnel?
  • Do you have a sense that your management team lack mutual support, cooperation, and the desire to move forward together?

Educate your management and get out of the doldrums with:

  • dynamic values that help guide the development of team maturity
  • the principles of participative dynamics to boost decisional efficacy
  • executive coaching to support managers in attaining their ambitions
  • management workshops to develop maturity in the team of managers.



3. Cultural and organisational transition 


As an executive or a change manager, do you find,


  • The company is developing, and you sometimes feel unable to follow it?
  • On a daily basis, could your employees better embody the company’s values and culture?
  • Do you have the impression that information flows slowly, or poorly, between your departments?
  • Following the merger of your businesses or departments, do you see adjustment difficulties in your employees?
  • Does your personnel suffer from a lack of information regarding changes taking place in the company?

We can start now, putting in place an accompaniment framework. In particular, we use :



4. Enterprise and crisis management projects 


As an executive or manager,


  • You dream of breaking the workplace routine?
  • You hope to develop the enterprise project to create a new dynamic?
  • Your employees feel very little involvement in collective projects?
  • You are at pains to transform crises into opportunities?
  • You are facing the same crises again and again?
  • You lack a clear position when making strategic decisions?

To better manage crises and spark change in the daily work of the company, we use tools that will allow you to achieve the following :

  • Create cohesion at all levels of the organisation, from its company objective right down to its concrete operations, through the enterprise rocket and the principles of salutogenesis
  • Bring all employees together in defining the culture, through participative dynamics
  • Make your company and your teams more agile in difficult situations with ParticipAgile
  • Make strategic decisions simple with a raison d’être and a clear position



5. Managerial and operational innovation 


As an executive or a change manager, do you find


  • You need to develop a culture of innovation?
  • ‘Intrapreneurship’ is among the dynamics that you hope to foster?
  • The governance of your company needs to evolve with the times to meet the stakes of today’s marketplace?
  • You want to develop the democracy of ideas and the liberation of the company?


We offer you several approaches including :