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Since 2008, Convidencia have been guiding companies desiring a more efficient and dynamic management.

We work with passion to prepare the human organisations of the future, by revealing the potential of individuals, and raising the cohesiveness of companies.

We are artisans of the evolution of organisations, and we bring simple and pragmatic solutions that are suited to today’s world.

We create accompaniment projects in French, Dutch, and English, for small, medium and large enterprises.

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Founder and director

Expert in the development of organisations and participative dynamics

“Knowledge, like power, is one of the rare resources that increase when it is shared.”

An engineer by training, Lionel has become an expert in organisational diagnostics and today, with passion, he accompanies many teams in the evolution of their business.



Innovation manager

Expert in innovation, agile project management & entrepreneurship

“An innovative project is 1% ideas, 99% actions.”

A civil engineer by training, Michel is passionate about start-ups and innovation. Today, he is the facilitator of Startup Weekend Europe, and is the person who launched Startup Digest Brussels.



Office & Project Manager

Jennifer is office and project manager at Convidencia

“A day without laughter is a day lost”

Highly passionate about art and very creative, Jennifer brilliantly manages her various projects at Convidencia, always with a touch of humor and her unique laugh. Beside, she conscientiously takes care of all the administrative tasks in the office.



Communication and Marketing Officer

Expert in communication, copywriting and content optimization.

“Good communication is as stimulating as a cup of coffee”.

Curious, Gaëlle is a person who likes to learn, to write, to create, to imagine solutions to optimize the visibility, to push to the commitment, to the exchange, to the action, to make envy, to arouse the interest thanks to a good communication created.



People bridger

Expert in business development and partnerships

“Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them.” – Oscar Wilde

Olivier is a born people bridger. He has a gift for bringing people and companies with a common interest together and  develop opportunities.



Manager of the consultants network

Expert in attitudes and sales techniques and operational change support

“A client who complains is still a client who is approaching you. Welcome them, listen, and give them the best you have to offer.”

A commercial engineer by training, Marlene has worked in business development, management, recruitment, and individual and group coaching.




Expert in pragmatic strategies and action plans’ development

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

As a corporate psychologist, Marleen is passionate about coaching teams and working on strategic issues to find pragmatic action plans that work for all stakeholders.

Anne-Françoise DEBONT

Anne-Françoise DEBONT

Intern consultant

Consultant in participatory dynamics, collective intelligence and agility

A trained sociologist, Anne-Françoise has extensive experience in project management and quality management. Passionate about collective intelligence, she is convinced that every human being is profoundly good and that by placing everyone in his talents, he gives the best of himself.




Expert in individual and teams coaching and organisational scattering

As an artisan of people’s development, Raphaël coaches teams and leaders with passion in their transition phases for more than 18 years.




Expert in individual and group coaching and change management.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Albert Einstein

Focused on the human, with skills combining knowledge of business, sense of contact and organization, Christian supports organizations, teams and individuals in their transition to sustainable results.




Expert in personality profiles and personal development

“It’s your way of thinking that decides whether you will succeed or fail.”

Henry Ford Jenny is passionate about human nature and social relationships. She has an innovative approach to coaching, focusing on the study of personality, listening and well-being. Jenny brings individuals and groups together to evolve in a changing world.




Expert in communication, personal development and business

“You must be the change you want to see in the world. “Gandhi

Marie passionately accompanies individuals and groups in developing their positive potential for a fulfilling life adapted to our changing society.




Expert in change and business continuity

“Every day is a learning day.”

After various professions within an international company, Nicole now uses her experience to serve people and organisations in order to make them develop their full potential.




Expert in internal communication and change management

Dorian is creative and pragmatic: always ready to find new solutions for companies’ communication but never forgetting the importance of a strategic reflection due to the current public’s complexity and their expectations’ diversity.

Testimonials of our clients

After trying to optimise our company’s structure ourselves several times, we made the decision, with my associates, to call a specialised company. Convidencia has quickly shown itself as the best company to assist us by understanding perfectly our motivations, our vision, our specificities and our punctual difficulties.

Thanks to Convidencia’s work, we learned how to know our own company better. We have redefined our organisation, adapted it to real life situations and given everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals. All this required time, but this work was vital to build strong foundations. We have also discovered and mastered new processes and techniques that have helped us to develop cooperation and agility but also to use the potential of our company. All these methods have really found a place in our work and have given us the opportunity to increase our work’s efficiency. From my point of view, the most striking qualities at Convidencia are their listening capacity, their professionalism and a made-to-measure approach.

Nathalie Dumont

C.E.O., Karott

Further to an ADP conference held by Lionel Barets I called on Convidencia to develop Participative Dynamics actions in my teams. Considering my organisational context, I chose a segmented approach with several ad hoc interventions that could gradually support the collaboration which I wanted to set up in my company.

In these different exercises, Convidencia’s preparation of the seminars was always high-quality. They proposed made to measure solutions that really matched with my needs and they all were built according to my organisation’s level of development.

Convidencia competes in the very specific market of Participative Dynamics but also brings a real capacity to be able to work in professional environment. Their knowledge of organisational models and how they work is a great asset. The analytical vision on the organisation and Lionel’s realistic approach helped me to gradually make the change that I wanted.

Eric Vanhaelen

Directeur Human Resources & Facilities, Nagelmackers

Convidencia was recommended to me by a former customer. As a good doubting Thomas, I followed a training in Participative Dynamics with Lionel Barets who later became a trainer at ICHEC. Then, I call on Convidencia to be part of a project to reorganise ICHEC lifelong learning.

What particularly pleased me about this project was Lionel’s ability to understand the organisational logics and manage complex issues. Lionel is not only an expert in participative methods but also in analyses of corporate structures. He contributed to the content and asked us the right questions. This skill was very useful for the strategic exercises related to governance that I had to put in place.

Brigitte Hudlot

Director, ICHEC -Entreprises

The experiences I had with the consultants were not always positive because the quality of the services didn’t systematically match the promises that was given. But I must say that after working with them several times they did bring us a lot.

I think this is especially due to Lionel Barets. who has the capacity to analyse at a very high level and a very good ability to identify personalities within teams. He is able to put all this into music!

Carl Laurent

C.E.O. Belux, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

I contacted Convidencia, as Human Resources Manager at the STIB, because I wanted my team to be more performant in mature decision-making. I wanted to make our meetings more efficient and empower my staff. As a good consultant, Lionel Barets directly touched on a sore spot and advised me about the solution I was looking for.

Our first collaboration happened during a training course in Participative Dynamics. We had directly plunged him into a real meeting case from which we were expecting concrete results and shared decisions on a particularly sensitive subject. He got through brilliantly and we continued to collaborate on other ad-hoc initiatives such as the training of HR Business Partners and the Diversity Council.

Thanks to the following results and the enthusiasm generated, other departments started to do the same.

I warmly recommend Convidencia for its great expertise in developing organisations and for its services that meet the workers’ needs. They are more and more asking for meaning and participative techniques that can support these needs. I personally believe a lot in collaborative models.

Bauduin Auquier

Partner, AgileMaker

I started working with Convidencia when we were trying to define the strategy at the Christian Mutual Insurance Company. In order to implement the new strategy, we had to manage a partial intern reorganization and create a new direction assembling coworkers from several departments. It was a great challenge to involve people concerned by this change. We had to know how to do it concretely. The Participative Dynamics Model offers all the required tools to realise such process of integration. I was quickly convinced and I became a supporter of the method. I was looking for a partner who could convince me that we would set a successful project. Convidencia became this partner because she had experience enough to do so.

I find their work method impressive: simple and practical tools that work perfectly well. Another strong point, according me, is Convidencia’s mental flexibility : they measure the change’s temperature all along and give pieces of advice adapted to the situation.

Luc de Kerf

Strategy & Development Manager, Christian Mutual Insurance Company

They trust Convidencia


With the references from its network and its partners, Convidencia’s expertise is now richer by having designed accompaniment projects with more than 200 organisations.


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Daisy Croquette at the RTBF

During the show “7 à la Une”on the RTBF, Daisy Croquette helps the lovely Convidencia’s team with an unique innovative workshop 🙂

Les origines de Convidencia, HR Meetup

15th of may 2014

In this podcast, Lionel Barets introduces Convidencia: a company that guides other  companies desiring a more efficient and dynamic management and brings simple and pragmatic solutions in order to reveal people and make companies rise.


“Les Hackathons se professionnalisent”, Trends, July 2017

An interview of Michel Duchateau from Convidencia (and not Confidencia, as the journalist unfortunately wrote it), an article by Gilles Quoistiaux.

PDF version here :

“Hackin2017, le fruit de la collaboration avec Kinshasa”, La Capitale, July 2017

An interview of Michel Duchateau (the aforesaid expert in hackathon for the Region of Brussels) from Convidencia, an article written by Isabelle Anneet.
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Read also the article Retour sur #HacKin2017, le Hackathon de la ville de Kinshasa on the blog Makanisi and the article  Retour sur #HacKin2017, le Hackathon de la ville de Kinshasa on Economico.


“Ascens heet voortaan Appelblauwzeegroen”, Het Gazet van Antwerp, June 2017

An article about Appelblauwzeegroen with a line about Convidencia that had the pleasure to introduce ParticipAgile during their launch party.

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“Le chef, c’est nous !”, HR Magazine, February 2017

« A success story of a change accompaniment by Convidencia at the Christian Mutual Insurance Company ». An interview of Lionel Barets from Convidencia and of Nicolas Chapaux and Valérie Cornez from the Christian Mutual Insurance Company, an article written by François Weerts.

PDF version here : RHMag_Fev2017 - overview

“Portrait Convidencia”, Trends, February 2017

« Convidencia helps companies in their desire of change ». An interview of Lionel Barets and Michel Duchateau, an article written by Fabrice Lambert.

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“L’impro en entreprise, ça fait du bien !”, RHmagazine, November 2016

«Improvisation helps to set up an atmosphere conducive to collective intelligence». An interview of Lionel Barets and Florence Pire, an article written by François Weerts.

PDF version here : Lionel Barets et Florence Pire dans HRMagazine novembre 2016

“Portrait Convidencia”, CCI Mag, october 2016

«Help companies to evolve serenely….»

An interview of Lionel Barets, an article written by Stéphanie Heffinck.

On the CCIMag website: here

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Convidencia CCI Mag octobre 2016

Relations sociales et maturité des organisations, l’Echo, April 2014

«The arrival of the union is, mot of the time, dreaded, not welcomed by the CEO and by some of the most committed coworkers.»

An article written by Partick Namotte & Lionel Barets.

PDF version here :

Maturité des organisations et relations sociales, l’Echo, March 2014

«An organisation’s maturity matches the development of several abilities that enable it to adapt itself to its environment.»

An article written by Partick Namotte & Lionel Barets.

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Convidencia dans l'Echo 2014-03-06 photo

Relations sociales et participation, l’Echo, July 2013

«The mechanisms of participative dynamics enable to pacify relationships.»

An article written by Partick Namotte & Lionel Barets.

PDF version here :

Relations sociales et dynamique participative?, l’Echo, June 2013

«Participative dynamics don’t identify power games. They offer simple mechanisms to restrict them by channeling  people around the table’s ego.»

An article written by Partick Namotte & Lionel Barets.

PDF version ici :
Convidencia dans l'Echo 2013-06-06 photo

Pour des réunions efficaces, la Libre Belgique, April 2013

«Based on, among others, the decision by consent, participative dynamics lead to other relationships. The STIB gave it a try.»

An article written by Solange Berger following the interview of Bauduin Auquier and Lionel Barets

PDF version here :
Convidencia STIB 2013-04-06 photo