How to organize great hackathons

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The FIRST Study about Hackathons

More than 130 public hackathons have been organized in Belgium since 2011.

Get our results after months of research, investigation and analysis, and find all the information about these events gathered in this unique study

What you Get

Top 10 pitfalls to avoid

Objectives for organizers & participants

Intellectual Property

Best locations & names

Revenue models

for hackathons

Real case studies

& testimonials


Ben Piquard – CEO LeanSquare – “Since 2010, I have really enjoyed taking part in these kinds of events because they are the roots of entrepreneurship.”

Coraline Dethinne – Hackathon organizer at Sharify “It is important to us that participants complete their entrepreneurs’ journey with a hackathon in order to experiment their idea.”

Anis Bedda – Transformer Chief at Transforma Brussel – “Hackathons are an extraordinary engine for ideation in co-creation mode.”

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