Enterprise diagnostics

Proceeding with enterprise diagnostics is above all about listening and understanding.


Convidencia quickly and accurately identifies the challenges facing your organisation.


Together, whether in regards to the cultural, organisational or managerial aspects, we go right back to the source of the difficulties, to help you better deal with them.


Enterprise diagnostics involve:

  • an in-depth, intuitive and expert analysis of the health of your company
  • tailored recommendations and quality advice
  • a comprehensive overview of our tools and methods
  • the ability to perform your own diagnosis with our training and support

 One-time interventions  


Intervention ponctuelle

A one-time intervention is a tailor-made program lasting from one to several days.


It allows us to cope with a major crisis, in which rapid and effective measures must be taken OR in which you can preview the tools we use to develop collective intelligence, collaborative performance, innovation, and agility.

It may or may not lead to a more ambitious transformation project that the company will launch at the time it deems appropriate.


One-time interventions involve:

  • help gaining full awareness
  • one or several days of timely support
  • a rapid and effective solution
  • a first step toward change.

Support and consulting


We accompany your transformation project by partnering with the company throughout its entire period of change.


The aim is to reconcile individuals with their company so that everyone can understand, master, and give meaning to their work, in their position and their specific place in the organisation.

In practice, this is an entire set of operations for groups and individuals, all combined into a project in which you retain control.


A support project involves:

  • specific audits
  • seminars tailored for teams, executives, or management
  • workshops
  • training on specific skills
  • individual, group, or executive coaching sessions
  • workshops on innovation
  • made to measure methods that are suited to your company’s specific situation
  • the implementation of support structures (PMOs, internal communication, etc.)
  • the establishment of specific committees (steering, executive, diversity, crisis committees)

To go further, discover the ParticipAgile method, which combine the Agile and participative dynamics methods.


Provision of “change managers”


We provide you with consultants who can take operational charge of the change management process in your company.


In practice, our consultants will act as real transformation project managers.


The Convidencia Change manager relies on innovative methods and tools, as well as the experience of all of Convidencia’s employees, to support you throughout the transformation project.

Being fully dedicated, he or she will go through these exciting changes with you, from start to finish, whatever the circumstances (positive or negative) that arise.

He/she understands the complexity of change and knows how to find proper solutions. He/she adapts to your specific requirements, and can approach uncertainty and resistance with positivity.


Providing “change managers” involves : 

  • Personnel who are dedicated to the transformation project
  • The embodiment of change in the company
  • The implementation of pragmatic and concrete change
  • A focus on change, without impacting other operational responsibilities (their time or resources)
  • Dealing with the emotions (both positive and negative) linked to change

Internal communication


Our support to internal communication aims to prevent rumours from spreading in the face of change within the organisation.


Instead of letting uncertainty overwhelm people’s minds at the coffee corner, we organise your internal communication so that everyone feels involved in the change project.


The goals are :


  • giving meaning to the change project
  • removing fear and uncertainty associated with change
  • developing the spirit of belonging to the project


Supporting internal communication involves :


  • audits of your company’s current internal communication tools
  • internal communication plans linked to the change project and the needs of the different stakeholders
  • group facilitation
  • articles and newsletters
  • adapted illustrations, logos and materials
  • constant feedback in order to adapt communication to meet the needs of the project and the teams