ParticipAgile Foundation Training

ParticipAgile Foundation Training


Training that mixes learning and practice,

in a 100% fun environment!

The trainers

ParticipAgile is a collaborative initiative of Lionel Barets and Michel DuchateauThe ParticipAgile method is the integration of the best principles of Agile methods and participatory dynamics.  


“Our trainings are 50% practical, 50% funny, 100% great ! In a little bit of time, learn how to apply agility and team-building techniques. “

Lionel Baets

Lionel Baets

Expert in participatory organization

Michel Duchateau

Michel Duchateau

Expert in agile innovation

The ParticipAgile method

This method was developed on the observation that companies need tools of collective intelligence, agility and innovation which are easy to implement and that allow them to reach concrete results quickly.

It is based on 4 cycles : Participation, Iteration, Innovation, Liberation. 

The “ParticipAgile Foundation” training offers you the opportunity to discover, learn, practice the 2 first cycles:  Participation and Iteration.



In 2 days, we will see :

  • How to help your team to work together, organize effective and participative meetings
  • How to co-create practical and relevant solutions
  • How to make collective and effective decisions with respect for all employees, and oversee their implementation
  • How to manage projects step by step with simple and effective methods and tools
  • How to develop effectiveness, customer integration, transparency, respect of production objective and continuous improvement

Techniques used :

  • Optimization of meeting (the 3 times)
  • Participatory governance (the 3 places)
  • Brainstorming and co-creation process (the “Me at your place” method)
  • Elaboration of mature proposal 
  • Collective decision-making process
  • votes (token)
  • Management of uncertainty (iterations)
  • Planning and priorization (kanban)
  • Management of activities
  • Estimate of faisability and values (ParticipAgile Poker)
  • Cutting of complexity (backlog)
  • Continuous improvement (retrospective)
  • Participatory Celebration

Objectives :

  • To consider change as a habit and not as a crisis
  • Manage paradoxes by mobilizing collective intelligence
  • Dealing with uncertainty step by step
  • Create power by developing autonomy and cooperation
  • Develop and maintain a high level of performance through continuous improvement
  • Satisfy the changing needs of customers (internal / external)
  • Create meaning throughout the organization and federate all the talents at the service of the common project

Earnings :

  • Tested and approved practices to boost the performance, cooperation, agility, participation and involvement of your employees
  • Concrete methods to change the structure and culture of your company
  • Real experiences of co-creation, crisis, strategic decisions, work organization step by step and celebration
  • A package of tools ready to use, as soon as you return at work from the training
  • The certainty that performance and well-being are within the reach of your organization !

“The concepts are super simple, very clear and easy to implement, I really like the Lego side of the approach that allows us to really adapt it to our needs.”

Michèle Lurson

Training and competence manager, NRB

“On one hand, we store the theory very quickly, and on the other hand, it translates into dynamic and practical workshops.We leave really enriched and perhaps more than we believe in. To remake very quickly!”

Marie-Josée Baio

Senior HR, Business Partner, UCB

Dates of inter-companies trainings 


The trainings planned here under are given with a group of participants promoting interactivity and a collective dynamic.  Places are limited to 16 persons per module. 

The training takes place in the offices of Convidencia in Uccle.


* 14, 15 May 2019

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* 29-30 August 2019

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* 5-6 November 2019

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