• Merry Hackathon!



    Because according to Convidencia, knowledge and good practices have to be shared, we give you the opportunity to discover the world of hackathons in a study written by Michel Duchateau, innovation expert at Convidencia.

    It’s a first in Belgium! And as we are in a generous mood and getting close to Christmas, we offer you this study ☺.


    Hackathons? But what’s that all about?


    You might have heard about it. Hackathons become more and more popular in Belgium and Europe. The word “hackathon” actually comes from the contraction of 2 English words: “hack”, which means overcoming our limits to reach a result, and “marathon”. No, we are not talking about a race☺. But about events lasting from 1 to 3 days during which different teams create a project in a definite time (and sometimes in a record time) and / or find solutions to a defined problem.


    Different teams compete against each other and present their projects at the end of the event in front of a jury who will select the winner.


    Why a study about hackathons?


    First of all, because, as a fan of hackathons, Convidencia has supported, monitored, organized and coached over 60 public and private events in Europe and Africa. Well yes, just that… Based on this experience, they spotted the best practices and regrouped real-life practical cases for you.

    Then, because this study is a real book of tools and methods to help organizers ask themselves the right questions, avoid mistakes and live this great experience by themselves.


    What can we find in this study?


    Practical tips to help you concretely set up a hackathon :

    • Best time in the year to organize your event
    • Roles of the different organizers
    • Top 5 business models
    • Clear objectives for the event (a hackathon about what, for whom, how long, etc.) whether for organizers or participants
    • Ideal locations
    • Key details for a great event (good wifi, catering, showers, etc.)
    • Advice to find a name for your event 
    • Top 10 common mistakes to avoid.


    This is an offer you can’t refuse.


    So do you want to organize some great hackathons and become master in the field? Download our study and leave us your contact information.


    We wish you a happy new year!


    Download the study about hackathons