• An Advent calendar for your company


    Tic Tac Tic Tac… Christmas is coming soon and Convidencia has decided to innovate this year and to suggest you to count the days together in a funny and original way with your colleagues of the office thanks to an customized advent calendar.


    Every year, it’s the same thing. Christmas always comes too fast. And who says end of the year says lots of work to finish at the office, contracts to sign, balance sheets to finalize, reports to hand back, and so on … So much to do that we do not even have the time to live this period of celebration and sharing with our colleagues. Even though it is with these same colleagues that we spend the majority of our time finally. It would be a shame not to enjoy these few nice moments together, don’t you think ? ☺



    A calendar that looks like you


    Convidencia has decided to find a solution to this problem by revisiting the advent calendar with your colleagues. The goal is to count down the days before Christmas all together with a fun and amusing calendar in order to create a spirit of cohesion and serenity at the end of the year.


    The idea is simple and comes in five easy steps for which you will only need paper, scissors and a pen per person.


    • First, you just need to cut 25 pieces of blank paper or download our empty template here below.
    • Share the pieces of paper between the different members of your company or team.
    • Each of you will write down on the papers an idea, a challenge, a funny note, a joke, a feeling that you would like to live or realize with your colleague on that day.
    • Then you fold the pieces of paper.
    • You bring them together in a box.


    Every day, you gather with your colleagues to draw a piece of paper successively. It’s up to you to define the moment that you like the most : at the coffee pause at 10am, at lunch time or for a break in the afternoon. The goal is to discover a challenge or objective per day from December 1st to December 25th included. Well, for days off and weekends, do not panic! You must not be in the office. But you can decide to draw more papers on weekdays for example ☺.



    A moment of sharing


    The purpose of this daily ritual is to offer yourself a moment of pause and sharing with your colleagues. And at this time of excitement as Christmas approaches, you can be sure that everyone will appreciate this particular moment. Indeed, it will be an opportunity for you as an employee to make new suggestions or ideas to your manager. Or as a manager, to bring a more relaxing and fun atmosphere within your team, or to give voice to the most shy of your colleagues. Or to take the opportunity to give your appreciation for the work done to your employees during the year, to send a message of congratulations to your collaborators. In summary it is a way to bring a positive and a pleasant atmosphere at work in the whirlwind of the holidays.


    And then if you really have no imagination for creating this calendar and writing down all the ideas, do not worry ☺. At Convidencia, we also did the exercise of finding together 25 objectives, tips or ideas to open them up between us until Christmas. These ideas are also downloadable in cutable format in the link here below.


    And since sharing is an essential Christmas value, we really want to share these moments together on the social networks.
    So, post your challenges, surprises or just your little pieces of paper with the ideas every day by using the hashtag #convidenciacalendar and let’s live all together this Christmas magic !


    To download the Convidencia advent calendar, click here

    To download the empty version, click here