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    How to organize a great hackathon ? The top 10 mistakes to avoid

    by Michel Duchateau         You want to organize your own hackathon ? Whether private or public, innovation-related or business oriented, there are a few things you need to know in order not to prevent to make mistakes or to fail this new adventure !   When organizing their own hackathons, a lot of motivated […]

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    Great tips to organize an hackathon

    As an expert in hackathons after having organized more than 60 hackathons throughout Europe, Convidencia has listed some tips that can be very useful if you plan to organize your own hackathon. In fact, the month of April is a really good month to plan your hackathon, did you know that?       So […]

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    The 4 Manager’s Attitudes: from Apathy to Empathy!

    Experts often advise us to adopt an empathetic attitude towards others to make the best of interpersonal communication. But what does that mean? How can we better understand this attitude to build healthy relationships?   Why is it important for a manager to make sure their employees feel heard, understood, and supported in their development?   The 3 […]