Convidencia helps companies to evolve serenely

Supporting companies towards co-operation, agility, innovation and sustainable performance is our job!

Convidencia meets your needs with a tailor-made approach!

Development of your teams, project management, corporate management, crisis management, management support, operational and managerial innovations? No worries, we are here to help you!

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Convidencia offers customised services that meet your needs!

Business diagnosis, punctual interventions, support, change managers, work on internal communication ... everything is possible since it is for you and you that the project is designed!

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Enterprise diagnostics

We proceed with human and organisational diagnostics for your company, in order to provide you with tailored consulting and quality recommendations.

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One-time interventions

A one-time intervention is a tailor-made program lasting from one to several days. It allows us to cope with a major crisis or show you the tools we use to develop collective intelligence, collaborative performance, innovation, and agility.

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Support and consulting

We accompany your transformation project by partnering with the company throughout its entire period of change .

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Provision of “change managers”

We provide you with consultants who can take operational charge of the change management process in your company. In practice, our consultants will act as real transformation project managers.


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